Available Models - South Studio

- Models from this studio can ONLY work with other South models -

Laney - Local / Topless Nudity

5'6, 118lbs, 32C/28/33 - Shoe 7 - Semi Ticklish
Laney has proven herself to be one of our best actresses and the ultimate girl next door! No kissing or licking.

Charlie - Local / Full Nudity

5'3, 110lbs, 32B/25/32 - Shoe 7 - VERY Ticklish
Charlie has shown us that she is very talented and open to almost anything! Charlie has a bunch of energy and loves to act. Full nudity depending on script approval.

Peyton - Local / Some Full Nudity

5'1, 100lbs, 32D/28/33 - Shoe 6 - Semi Ticklish
Peyton has a genuine Southern accent! She can be a sweet Southern Belle or a sassy babe!

Devyn - Local / Full Nudity

5'4, 110lbs, 34B/25/35 - Shoe 7 - Semi Ticklish
Devyn loves bondage and ENF videos. She is very sweet and easy to schedule. Book her now! No kissing or licking.

Athena Palomino (Ivy)- Local / Full Nudity

5'8, 130lbs, 32DD/25/32 - Shoe 8.5 - Ticklish
Athena, who was originally named Ivy is back and ready to make your custom video! Athena was an established adult film star and is a terrific actress!

Rachel - Local Some Nudity

5'4, 115lbs, 34B/25/33 - Shoe 8 Very Ticklish
We are so happy to welcome Rachel back to the roster! She is a terrific actress and can handle any role given to her. No hardcore bondage or overtly sexual content.

Lora - Local / Full Nudity

5'1, 115lbs, 30A/26/33 - Shoe 7 - Ticklish
Lora loves superheroes and as you can see is quite the athlete! She teaches cross fit and is also a pole instructor. Lora loves to do real wrestling and is able to lift & carry male talent.

Elaina - SOLO VIDEOS ONLY / Topless Nudity

5'2, 115lbs, 34D/24/33 - Shoe 6 - Semi Ticklish
Elaina is a superb actress, nailing every role that she is given. From nerd to sex goddess to bad ass fighter, you won't be disappointed!

Josie - Local / Full Nudity

5'1, 95lbs, 30DD/24/35 - Shoe 7 - Semi Ticklish
Josie is a great actress and brings a fun, bubbly energy to the set! She loves to role play and cosplay.

Quinn - Local / Full Nudity

5'3, 125lbs, Shoe 7.5, Ticklish, Jeans 0-2<br> Quinn is brand new and ready to make her first video. Book her now!

Ryan - Local / Full Nudity

5'8, 120lbs, 32C/26/32 - Shoe 6-7 - Ticklish
Ryan is a sexy bad girl. She nails her sex kitten roles! Ryan is feisty and loves to put up a good fight!

Ashley - Local / No Nudity - No Erotic

5'2, 113lbs, 32D/27/32 - Shoe 6 - Semi Ticklish
Ashley - talk about Southern Charm!

Bella - Local / No Nudity *UNAVAILABLE*

5'2, 115lbs, 32C/28/33 - Shoe 6 - Semi Ticklish
If you guessed she's a Southern Belle, you're right! Bella has a sweet personality and she makes the cutest girl next door!

Marley - Local / Full Nudity

5'7, 270lbs, Dress size 18/20 - Ticklish
Marley is a big beautiful woman with a gorgeous face to match her amazing personality!

Roxy - Local / Full Nudity

5'7, 110lbs, 34B/25/35 - Shoe 7 - Semi Ticklish
Roxy has an all natural body and loves to show it off, she's a nudist! Roxy has a fun, outgoing personality. Roxy loves pirates and will dress up as one anytime she can!

Valerie Hex - Local / Full Nudity

5'7, 120lbs, 34C/25/32 Shoe 8.5 - Ticklish Some Areas
Valerie is open to making most videos and is very cute on camera!

Alexx - Local / Full Nudity

5'5, 158lbs, 34C/28/35 - Shoe 9.5 - Ticklish
Alexx has over 16 years of active MMA training and she loves fighting scripts! She is new to fetish but is up for any challenges!

Kali - Traveling / Topless Nudity

5'10, 170lbs, 34DDD/28/36 - Shoe 9 - Semi Ticklish
Kali has proven herself to be a good actress and is open minded with it comes to scripts.

Sabrina - Traveling / Full Nudity

5'6, 140lbs, 34DD/27/35 - Shoe 8-9 - Ticklish?
Sabrina is ready to a custom video for you! Book her now!

Haze - Local / Full Nudity

5'1, 105lbs 32A/27/36 Shoe 5.5 Ticklish
Haze is brand new to fetish - she is extremely ticklish!

Sutton - Local / Full Nudity

5'4, 100lbs, 32A/25/32 Shoe 7.5 - Very Ticklish
Sutton is available to make you a custom video, book her now!

Riley - Traveling / Full Nudity

5'11, 220lbs Shoe 9, Jean size 16
Riley is best friends with Kali and is one of our larger models. Book her now!

Phoenix - Traveling / Full Nudity

5'2, 113lbs, 32B/25/32 Shoe 7 - Ticklish ?
Phoenix has filmed a few videos for our members site and is ready to make her first custom video!

Levi - Local / No Nudity

6'6, 190lbs
Levi is available for guy/girl and guy/guy videos.